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Our most frequently asked questions are listed below, with all the answers to match!

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  • What is your opening hours?

    We are open 7 days a week, by appointment.

  • How difficult are the trails?

    We base our grading on the New Zealand Cycle Trail grading system: https://www.nzcycletrail.com/need-to-know/trail-grades/ and our grades on the highest graded riding for any trail.  Most of our rides are grade 3, which is intermediate. This essentially relates to the gravel roads and hills. However, there will be a lot of grade 1 and 2 riding in the mix.

  • Why is the Pakihi Trail graded advanced, Grade 4?

    It is a downhill trail through beautiful native bush for the first 11 km, the track is narrow in places, the last 10 km follows the river and in places there are drop offs.  The track is very volatile and there are often small slips, trees and rocks on the trails which you need to navigate.  The Motu Trails crew do an amazing job at keeping it pristine and we have up to the minute track info for anyone wanting to ride Pakihi.

  • What should I carry with me on my bike?

    If you are travelling independently you should have, as a bare minimum, warm clothing, a rain coat, a first aid kit, including an emergency blanket, some bike tool kits and snacks for a couple of days, we also recommend carrying one of our Trackme, anywhere, anytime, Garmin inreach devices.

  • When is the best time to ride the Gisborne Trails?

    Gisborne offers great all-year-round cycling and is ideal for our day tours throughout the year.  If you are riding one of our multi-day tours then expect mild winters and warm/hot summers, autumn and spring offer ideal riding conditions.  Our tours that travel from the central north island are more suited for spring through autumn riding.